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    • Characteristics of a neutron moisture gauge with a solid state detector

      M K Nagpal P P Mehta K K Nagpaul Rama

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      The development of a neutron moisture gauge, using Cf252 as a source of fast neutrons and muscovite as a detector of thermal-neutron-induced-fission in Pu239 target, is reported. The laboratory and the field calibrations of the instrument reveal a linear relation between track count rate and the moisture volume fraction.

      Low cost, low weight, simplicity of operation, thermal stability and elimination of electronic gadgets and power supplies are the attractive features of this instrument. The main drawback is its poor detection efficiency for thermal neutrons and the consequent unsuitability as a routine logging instrument. Its special features make it particularly suited to deep bore hole logging such as in oil exploration.

    • Fission track annealing and age determination of hornblende

      Nand Lal Arjun Dev K K Nagpaul

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      Hornblende which occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks is well suited for age determination by the fission track method. The tracks which are readily etched in hydrofluoric acid are annealed in 1 hr at 530° C. Extrapolation of the experimentally determined temperatures suggest that a temperature of 200° C for one m.y. will erase all the tracks present before the heating. Fission track ages of hornblende agree with the main orogenic metamorphic cycles.

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