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    • Photocurrent characteristics in Cu2O/Pt and Cu2O/TiO2 photoelectrochemical cells in aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes

      K A Khan J F Kos

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      Photocurrent characteristics of the Cu2O/Pt and Cu2O/TiO2 photoelectro-chemical cells have been presented. In aqueous solution, a slow deterioration of power output occurs approximately at the rate of 50% per day. Operation in non-aqueous solutions (acetonitrile and ethanol) also produced a deterioration of power output. However in ethanol, it was found that the deterioration reversed itself and a new cycle of deterioration and rejuvenation began. These suggest that the deterioration is not due to a chemical reduction process at the electrode surface but other factors such as migration of charged defect centres in the depletion layer or chemical reaction on the electrode surface.

    • Preparation and properties of vanadium dioxide thermochromic thin films

      K A Khan M S Rahman Khan

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      Deposition of vanadium dioxide and the study of its electrical and optical properties at varying deposition conditions have been presented. The materials have been deposited by reactive r.f. magnetron sputtering technique in Ar, O2 ambient followed by annealing post-treatment. Electrical conductivity measurements indicate that oxygen pressure plays an important role in obtaining VO2 and atPO2=2.4% stoichiometric VO2 can be obtained. The deposition rate of oxides decreases with increasing O2 pressure and the rate of VO2 was about 130Å/min. Optical studies show that VO2 films exhibit thermochromism and it has the potential application for energy efficient solar energy utilization.

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