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    • Modelling to determine the variation of magnetic properties with size and shape in the nanomaterials


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      Three different models, viz. Qi model, Jiang model and Lu model, have been used in the present paper for studying the size and shape dependence of magnetic properties of the nanomaterials. The magnetic propertiesconsidered here are Curie temperature ($T_C$), magnetisation ($M_S$) and Neel temperature ($T_N$),. It is observed that Curie temperature, magnetisation and Neel temperature decrease with decrease in the size of the nanomaterial. Thisdecrease is due to the increase in the surface atoms with reduction in size. The variations in Curie temperature, magnetisation and Neel temperature are studied for cylindrical nanowires, thin films, spherical, regular tetrahedralnanoparticles, and regular triangular cross-section nanowires. The models used in the study give similar trend of variation and after the comparison of the computed results with experimental data, it is found that Qi model workswell compared to Lu and Jiang models. A close agreement between the available experimental results and the calculated results from Qi model justifies the validity of the present work.

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