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    • Comparison of backstepping and modified active control in projective synchronization of chaos in an extended Bonhöffer–van der Pol oscillator

      K S Ojo A N Njah S T Ogunjo

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      In this article, projective synchronization of double–scroll attractor of an extended Bonöffer–van der Pol oscillator (BVPO) is considered via the backstepping and active control techniques. In each synchronization scheme, a single control function is designed to achieve projective synchronization between two Bonhöffer–van der Pol oscillator evolving from different initial conditions. To obtain a single control function via the active control, the coefficient of the error dynamics is chosen such that the number of control functions is reduced from three to one, thereby, reducing control function complexity in design. The results show that the transient error dynamics convergence and synchronization time are achieved faster via the backstepping than that of the active control technique. However, the control function obtained via the active control is simpler with a more stable synchronization time and hence, it is more suitable for practical implementation. Numerical simulations are presented to confirm the effectiveness of the analytical results.

    • Increased-order generalized synchronization of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems

      K S Ojo S T Ogunjo A N Njah I A Fuwape

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      This paper presents increased-order generalized synchronization (GS) of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems with different order based on active control technique. By this technique, we design suitable control functions to achieve GS between (i) a new three-dimensional (3D) chaotic system and four-dimensional (4D) hyperchaotic Lorenz system and (ii) four-dimensional hyperchaotic Lorenz system and five-dimensional (5D) hyperchaotic Lorenz system. The corresponding numerical simulation results are presented to verify the effectiveness of this technique.

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