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    • Fluid structure and molecular interaction of acetophenone derivatives

      K K Gupta P J Singh

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      Dielectric constants of the binary mixtures of acetophenone,p-chloroaceto-phenone,p-methylacetophenone ando-hydroxyacetophenone in dilute solutions of benzene and 1,4-dioxane were measured at 303 K and at frequency 100 kHz. The low frequency molecular dynamics of acetophenone and its derivatives have been studied by evaluating the Kirkwood correlation factorg, molar polarizationP2, excess correlation factor δg and excess free energy ΔG. The dipolar contribution to excess free energy of mixing arising from long-range electrostatic interaction and short-range interaction between identical molecules has been assessed separately. The presence of α- and β-multimers in the above systems was identified. The results have been used to interpret the fluid structure in such mixtures.

    • The interfacial surface tension of a quark-gluon plasma fireball in a hadronic medium

      R Ramanathan K K Gupta Agam K Jha S S Singh

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      We calculate the interfacial surface tension of a QGP-fireball in a hadronic medium in the Ramanathan et al statistical model. The constancy of the ratio of the surface tension with the cube of the critical transition temperature is in overall accordance with lattice QCD findings. It is in complete agreement with a recent MIT bag model calculation of surface tension. The velocity of sound in the QGP droplet is predicted to be in the range $(0.27 \pm 0.02)$ times the velocity of light in vacuum and this value is independent of both the value of the transition temperature and the model parameters.

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