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    • Chaotic systems in complex phase space

      Carl M Bender Joshua Feinberg Daniel W Hook David J Weir

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      This paper examines numerically the complex classical trajectories of the kicked rotor and the double pendulum. Both of these systems exhibit a transition to chaos, and this feature is studied in complex phase space. Additionally, it is shown that the short-time and long-time behaviours of these two $\mathcal{PT}$ -symmetric dynamical models in complex phase space exhibit strong qualitative similarities.

    • Probabilistic interpretation of resonant states

      Naomichi Hatano Tatsuro Kawamoto Joshua Feinberg

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      We provide probabilistic interpretation of resonant states. We do this by showing that the integral of the modulus square of resonance wave functions (i.e., the conventional norm) over a properly expanding spatial domain is independent of time, and therefore leads to probability conservation. This is in contrast with the conventional employment of a bi-orthogonal basis that precludes probabilistic interpretation, since wave functions of resonant states diverge exponentially in space. On the other hand, resonant states decay exponentially in time, because momentum leaks out of the central scattering area. This momentum leakage is also the reason for the spatial exponential divergence of resonant state. It is by combining the opposite temporal and spatial behaviours of resonant states that we arrive at our probabilistic interpretation of these states. The physical need to normalize resonant wave functions over an expanding spatial domain arises because particles leak out of the region which contains the potential range and escape to infinity, and one has to include them in the total count of particles.

    • Statistics of resonances in one-dimensional continuous systems

      Joshua Feinberg

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      We study the average density of resonances (DOR) of a disordered one-dimensional continuous open system. The disordered system is semi-infinite, with white-noise random potential, and it is coupled to the external world by a semi-infinite continuous perfect lead. Our main result is an integral representation for the DOR which involves the probability density function of the logarithmic derivative of the wave function at the contact point.

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