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    • The proton electromagnetic form factorF2 and quark orbital angular momentum

      Pankaj Jain John P Ralston

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      We analyse the proton electromagnetic form factor ratioR(Q2) =QF2(Q2)/F1(Q2) as a function of momentum transferQ2 within perturbative QCD. We find that the prediction for (R(Q2) at large momentum transferQ depends on the exclusive quark wave functions, which are unknown. For a wide range of wave functions we find thatQF2F1 ∼ const. at large momentum transfer, which is in agreement with recent JLAB data.

    • The dynamical mixing of light and pseudoscalar ¯elds

      Sudeep Das Pankaj Jain John P Ralston Rajib Saha

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      We solve the general problem of mixing of electromagnetic and scalar or pseudoscalar fields coupled by axion-type interactions $L_{\text{int}} = g_{\phi}\phi \epsilon_{\mu \nu \alpha \beta} F^{\mu \nu} F^{\alpha \beta}$. The problem depends on several dimensionful scales, including the magnitude and direction of background magnetic field, the pseudoscalar mass, plasma frequency, propagation frequency, wave number, and finally the pseudoscalar coupling. We apply the results to the first consistent calculations of the mixing of light propagating in a background magnetic field of varying directions, which show a great variety of fascinating resonant and polarization effects.

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