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    • Cosmology after COBE—Review for particle physicists

      Joel R Primack

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      I summarize the following current topics in cosmology: (1) The near-success of Cold Dark Matter (CDM) in predicting the COBE fluctuation amplitude, which favors the hypothesis that structure formed in the universe through gravitational collapse. (2) The indications that ω ≈ 1 and that the power spectrum has a little more power on supercluster and larger scales than CDM. These are suggested by the IRAS and CfA redshift surveys and POTENT galaxy peculiar velocity analysis, and also by the COBE data. (3) The consequent demise of CDM and the rise of hybrid schemes such as Cold+Hot Dark Matter (C+HDM). (4) The possible implications for neutrino masses and mixings, and for cosmology, of the recent results on solar neutrinos. (5) CERN experiments onvμ-vr oscillations, which may be sufficiently sensitive to detect thevr if its mass lies in the cosmologically interesting mass range 1–102 eV. (6) Dark matter searches, including the searches for WIMPs and axions, and the French, Polish, and Berkeley-Livermore-Mt. Stromlo MACHO searchs.

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