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    • Collective mechanism for nuclear stopping and transverse flow in heavy-ion collisions

      Jitesh R Bhatt Predhiman K Kaw Jitendra C Parikh

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      The role of filamentation instability of quark-gluon plasma, in explaining collective phenomena in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, has been analyzed. Using equations of SU(2) two fluid color hydrodynamics it is shown that this instability can significantly enhance nuclear stopping and might contribute to collective sideward flows.

    • Dynamic color screening in a classical quark plasma

      Jitesh R Bhatt Predhiman K Kaw Jitendra C Parikh

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      Screening of a moving infinite color sheet source is examined in a quark plasma at finite temperature. The classical chromohydrodynamic equations for quarks are integrated, to obtain profiles for quark current density, which in turn are used to solve the SU(2) Yang-Mills equations numerically. This provides a classical but non-perturbative treatment for the screening of a moving source in quark plasma.

      The results show two interesting features. We observe that if the test source is at rest the screening does not depend on the color dynamics and the behavior is very similar to that in Coulomb plasma. When the test source is moving with non-relativistic velocity the non-abelian features manifest themselves by weakening the screening and also by exhibiting an oscillatory profile with distance.

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