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    • Instantons and the hyperfine splitting ofB andBSmesons

      Jishnu Dey

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      In this short note we wish to point out that the instanton model, which was theoretically fascinating, has recently found application in explaining the hyperfine splitting of mesons and baryons. In particular, the flavour independence ofMv2-MP2 (i.e. the squared mass difference of the vector and the pseudoscalar mesons), known to be constant for the strange and non-strange mesons in theu,d and the charm quark sectors, have recently been shown to be the same for the beauty sector through experiments. This flavour independence and the magnitude of the splitting agrees remarkably well with the instanton model.

    • Estimate of stellar masses from their QPO frequencies

      Subharthi Ray Taparati Gangopadhyay Jishnu Dey Mira Dey

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      Kilohertz quasiperiodic oscillations (kHz QPOs) are observed in binary stellar systems. For such a system, the stellar radius is very close to the marginally stable orbit $R_{\text{ms}}$ as predicted by Einstein’s general relativity. Many models have been proposed to explain the origin of the kHz QPO features in the binaries. Here we start from the work of Li et al (Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 3776 (1999)) who in 1999, from the unique millisecond X-ray pulsations, suggested SAX J1808.4−3658 to be a strange star, from an accurate determination of its rotation period. It showed kHz QPOs eight years ago and so far it is the only set that has been observed. We suggest that the mass of four compact stars SAX J1808.4−3658, KS 1731−260, SAX J1750.8−2900 and IGR J17191−2821 can be determined from the difference in the observed kHz QPOs of these stars. It is exciting to be able to give an estimate of the mass of the star and three other compact stars in low-mass X-ray binaries using their observed kHz QPOs.

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