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    • Low mass dileptons from Pb + Au collisions at 158 A.GeV

      Sourav Sarkar Jan-E Alam T Hatsuda

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      The medium modification of vector meson properties in hot/dense hadronic matter and its role in explaining the CERES/NA45 dilepton data at different centralities are discussed.

    • Working group report: Heavy ion physics

      Jan-E Alam K Assamagan S Chattopadhyay R Gavai Sourendu Gupta B Layek S Mukherjee R Ray Pradip K Roy A Srivastava

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      The 8th workshop on high energy physics phenomenology (WHEPP-8) was held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India during January 5–16, 2004. One of the four working groups, group III was dedicated to QCD and heavy ion physics (HIC). The present manuscript gives a summary of the activities of group III during the workshop (see also [1] for completeness). The activities of group III were focused to understand the collective behaviours of the system formed after the collisions of two nuclei at ultra-relativistic energies from the interactions of the elementary degrees of freedom, i.e. quarks and gluons, governed by non-abelian gauge theory, i.e. QCD. This was initiated by two plenary talks on experimental overview of heavy ion collisions and lattice QCD and several working group talks and discussions.

    • Electromagnetic probes of strongly interacting matter

      Jan-E Alam

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      The nuclear matter under extreme conditions of temperatures (𝑇) and baryonic densities (𝑛𝐵) undergoes a phase transition to quark gluon plasma (QGP). It is expected that such extreme conditions can be achieved by colliding nuclei at ultrarelativistic energies. In the present review, the suitability of photons and dileptons as diagnostic tools of QGP has been discussed. The photon and dilepton spectra originating from heavy-ion collisions at LHC energies have been explicitly displayed in this article. Results from SPS and RHIC have been discussed adequately with appropriate references. The role of single electron spectra originating from the decays of heavy flavoured mesons on QGP detection has also been discussed briefly.

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