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    • Investigating the logarithmic form of f (R) gravity model from brane perspective and swampland criteria


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      As we know, the inflation models have been considered by researchers in various fields of physics such as cosmology and particle physics for explaining early Universe. According to different conditions and conjectures,there are several types of inflation models. In this article, we want to examine a new condition for the inflation models which is known as the swampland criterion. Therefore, we consider f (R) model that includes a polynomial plus a logarithmic term as R + αR$^2$ + βR$^n$ + $\gamma$ R$^2$ log $\gamma$ R . So, by considering the corresponding modified f (R) gravity on the brane, we obtain the modified cosmological parameters such as spectral index, tensor-to-scalar ratioand a number of e-folds. These modified parameters give us the opportunity to test the compatibility of f (R) gravity model with swampland criteria. Finally, by using some figures as well as observable data, we specify the range of modified cosmological parameters.

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