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    • WKB approximation in complex time

      S Biswas J Guha

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      The WKB approximation to the one particle Schrödinger equation in time is used to obtain the wavefunction at a given point as a sum of semiclassical terms, each corresponding to a different classical trajectory (real or complex) but ending up at the same point. A method to find out reflection coefficient for processes involving one and two turning points is developed and it is shown that the semiclassical complex analysis reproduces exactly the reflection coefficient that is obtained through the exact solution of the problem. The connection between pair production and reflection amplitude is also shown. The pair production amplitude in a time dependent gravitational background is calculated and it is shown that the vacuum considered in complex trajectory WKB analysis refers to adiabatic vacuum.

    • WKB approximation in complex time II

      S Biswas J Guha N G Sarkar

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      The non-perturbative method, developed recently, of WKB approximation in complex time is applied to some known curved space time. Three cases namely (1) static in and out region, (2) non-static in and out region, (3) static in and non static out region are considered here. We find non-trivial particle production corresponding to the quantum vacuum definition of Castagnino and Mazzitelli.

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