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    • Suppression of chaos via control of energy flow


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      Continuous energy supply is critical and important to support oscillating behaviour; otherwise, the oscillator will die. For nonlinear and chaotic circuits, enough energy supply is also important to keep electric devices working. In this paper, Hamilton energy is calculated for dimensionless dynamical system (e.g., the chaotic Lorenz system) using Helmholtz’s theorem.The Hamilton energy is considered as a new variable and then the dynamical system is controlled by using the scheme of energy feedback. It is found that chaos can be suppressed even when intermittentfeedback scheme is applied. This scheme is effective to control chaos and to stabilise other dynamical systems.

    • Resonance synchronisation between memristive oscillators and network without variable coupling


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      Continuous energy pumping and exchange along the coupling channel can balance the energy release between nonlinear oscillators for reaching complete synchronisation. When external stimulus is applied, energy is injected and encoded for regulating the dynamics of nonlinear oscillators and circuits. In this paper, the synchronisation between memristive Rössler oscillators is investigated by reactivating one memristive variable, and external stimuli are changed to detect the occurrence of synchronisation without direct variable coupling. In the presence of periodical stimulus, stochastic switch and feedback on the memristive variable can induce synchronisation between two memristive oscillators and chain network composed of memristive oscillators. In the presence of noise, stochastic feedback and disturbance on the memristive variable can keep synchronisation stable between two oscillators, and complete synchronisation is realised. In addition, the synchronisation factor and spatial patterns are calculated to confirm the occurrence of synchronisation between more chaotic oscillators when memristive function is activated even when no coupling channels are switched on.

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