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    • Dynamics of non-Markovianity in the presence of a driving field

      Mandani Somayeh Sarbishaei Mohsen Javidan Kurosh

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      We investigate a two-level system in a cavity QED by considering the effects ofamplitude damping, phase damping and driving field. We have studied the non-Markovianity in resonance and non-resonance limits in the presence of these effects using Breuer–Laine–Piilo (BLP) non-Markovianity measure ($N_{\rm BLP}$). The evolution of the system is derived using the time convolutionless (TCL) master equation. In some conditions, it is shown that in the presence of a driving field, the $N_{\rm BLP} increases in the resonance and non-resonance limits. We have also found the exact solution of the master equation in order to investigate the effect of temperature- and environment excited states. We have shown that the behaviour of non-Markovianity is very different from what one can see from the TCL approach. We have also presented some explanation about the behaviour of non-Markovianity in the exact solution using quantum discord (QD).

    • Evolution of entropy in different types of non-Markovian three-level systems: Single reservoir vs. two independent reservoirs


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      We solve the Nakajima–Zwanzig (NZ) non-Markovian master equation to study the dynamics of different types of three-level atomic systems interacting with bosonic Lorentzian reservoirs at zero temperature. Von Neumann entropy (S) is used to show the evolution of the degree of entanglement of the subsystems. The results presented are also compared with some recently published reports.

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