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    • Laser Raman and infra-red spectra of biomolecule: 5-aminouracil

      J S Singh

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      Laser Raman (200-4000 cm-1) and IR (200-4000 cm-1) spectra of 5-aminouracil were recorded in the region 200{4000 cm-1. Assuming a planar geometry and C$_{s}$ point group symmetry, it has been possible to assign all the 36 ($25a^{'} + 11a^{''}$) normal modes of vibration for the first time. The two NH bonds of the NH2 group appear to be equivalent as the NH2 stretching frequencies satisfy the empirical relation proposed for the two equivalent NH bonds of the NH2 group. The two NH2 stretching frequencies are distinctly separated from the CH/NH ring stretching frequencies. A strong and sharp IR band at 3360 cm-1 could be identified as the anti-symmetric NH2 mode whereas the band at 3290 cm-1 with smaller density could be identified as the symmetric NH2 stretching mode. All other bands have also been assigned different fundamentals/overtones/combinations.

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