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    • Ground state structure of some double-λ hypernuclei by a three-body model using a simple coordinate space approach

      S Mahapatra J Nag

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      New experimental data on the binding energyBλλ ofλλ6He, reported very recently, come up with the valuesBλλ = 725 ±0.14 MeV and ΔBλλ = 101 ±0.2 MeV which are substantially lower than the old dataBλλ = 109 ±0.8 MeV and ΔBλλ = 4.7±10 MeV in use in literature since 1966. In view of the new data we decided to undertake a re-study of theλλ6He hypernucleus using the same three-body model (α-λ-λ) with a simple coordinate space variational approach which was employed earlier with the old data onλλ/6He. After fitting different λ-λ potentials to the new data ofλλ6He we have applied our method to study some double-λ hypernuclei in light, medium and heavy mass regions and have determined the structural quantities like Bλλ, the r.m.s. values of core-λ (〈rcore-λ〉〉) and λ-λ (〈rλ-λ〉〉) distances theoretically. The core-λ interaction considered is of Woods-Saxon type. The strength and the range of the core-A potential have been adjusted to reproduce the λ-binding energy(Bλ). These are in good agreement with the relativistic mean field (RMF) results. Our study shows that the λ-λ bonding energy ΔBλλ decreases with increasing mass number fromλλ10Be toλλ210Pb of a double-A hypernucleus

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