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    • Systematics of theKπ = 2 + gamma vibrational bands and odd-even staggering

      J B Gupta A K Kavathekar

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      The structure of theKπ= 2+ gamma vibrational bands and the quasi-gamma bands of even-Z-even-N nuclei is investigated on a global scale, vis-a-vis the variation of band head, the moment of inertia of the band and the odd-even spin staggering. The variation withN andZ and with spinJ of the odd-even spin energy staggering index is studied and a unified view of the same is presented.

    • New perspective in the use of soft rotor formula for $K = 2 \gamma$-band

      J B Gupta Satendra Sharma Vikas Katoch

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      The use of soft rotor formula (SRF) for the level energies of $K = 2 \gamma$ -band for the shape transitional even $Z$ even $N$ nuclei in the medium mass region is illustrated. With proper treatment, we obtained positive values of the moment of inertia and softness parameter, as opposed to negative values reported in literature. The moments of inertia of the $\gamma$-band are almost equal to the ground state band values. The systematic dependence of the softness parameter on energy ratio $R_{4/2}$ is studied. The effect of the odd–even spin staggering on these parameters is studied in detail. In deformed nuclei, the same parameters for odd and even spin members yield fair energy values.

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