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    • Raman and infrared spectra of tere-phthalaldehyde

      R A Yadav Ramakant P C Mishra I S Singh

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      The laser Raman spectrum of tere-phthalaldehyde powder has been recorded on a Jobin Yvonhg 2S spectrophotometer with a~100 mW Argon-Ion laser. The infrared spectrum of the solid substance has been recorded on a Perkin-Elmer 621 spectrophotometer in the region 300–4000 cm-1 using KBr and nujol mull techniques. The observed frequencies have been assigned in terms of the fundamentals, overtones and combinations assumingD2h point-group symmetry.

    • Polarised raman and infrared spectra and vibrational analysis forα-naphthylamine

      R Shanker R A Yadav I S Singh O N Singh

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      The Raman spectrum of polycrystalline α-naphthylamine was recorded in the region 100–4000 cm−1. Polarisation measurements were made in CS2 and CHCl3 solutions. The infrared spectrum was recorded in nujol mull in the region 200–4000 cm−1. The resolution was better than 2 cm−1 and the accuracy of the measurements was within ± 2 cm−1 for all the spectra. Vibrational assignments have been proposed for the observed frequencies. Out of the 54 normal modes of vibrations, 51 modes could be observed experimentally.

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