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    • The CWKB approach to non-reflecting potential and cosmological implications

      S Biswas I Chowdhury

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      We discuss the method of calculating the reflection coefficient using complex trajectory WKB (CWKB) approximation to understand the non-reflecting nature of the potentialU(x) = -U0/cosh2(x/a). We show that the repeated reflections between the turning points whose paths are in conformity with Bogolubov transformation technique are essential in obtaining the non-reflecting condition. We also discuss the implications of the results when applied to the particle production scenario. We use the CWKB technique developed by one of the authors (SB) to obtain the results which agree very well with those obtained by exact quantum mechanical calculations.

    • Calculation of CWKB envelope in boson and fermion productions

      S Biswas I Chowdhury

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      We present the calculation of envelope of boson and of both low- and high- mass fermion production at the end of inflation when the coherently oscillating inflatons decay into bosons and fermions. We consider three different models of inflation and use CWKB technique to calculate the envelope to understand the structure of resonance band formation. We observe that though low-mass fermion production is not effective in pre-heating because of Pauli blocking, it is quite probable for high-mass fermion to take part in pre-heating.

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