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    • Beauty-conserving strangeness-changing rare semileptonic decays ofBs meson

      Harpreet Kaur

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      The beauty-conserving strangeness-changing decays ofBs meson are examined. In the charm sector, charm-conserving strangeness changing (Δc = 0, Δs ≠ 0) decays are Cabibbo suppressed and are governed by the CKM elementVus which is much smaller than the CKM diagonal elementVcs, so may be of little interest. On the other hand, in theb-sector, beauty-conserving strangeness changing (Δb = 0, Δs ≠ 0) decays are CKM allowed as the CKM matrix elementVus governing such decays is much larger thanVbc orVbu which govern respectively thebc orbu transitions. The phase space available, however, is too small for the decays considered here. The numerical estimates for the decay widths of two such modes ofBs meson are presented.

    • Two body nonleptonic decays of Λb involving proton

      Harpreet Kaur

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      We study some nonleptonic decays of Λb-baryon involving transition of a heavy to light quark, using nonrelativistic quark model for form factors. The decay rates for two such decays are consistent with the data available. Also these decays can give us information on the CKM matrix element ¦VUb¦.

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