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    • Converging shock waves in metals

      H S Yadav V P Singh

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      Study of propagation of a spherically converging shock wave has been carried out by Whitham’s method. The variation of shock velocity and pressure along the radius of curvature has been calculated numerically for a number of metals. Attempt has also been made to compare the experimental results of velocity of detonation wave with those reported elsewhere by the application of Whitham’s method. A good agreement between experimental and theoretical results has been obtained in this study.

    • Jet produced by collapse of conical free surface of a metal by plane shock wave

      H S Yadav S S Sachdeva I J L Jaggi C P S Tomar

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      Theoretical and experimental investigations of metal-jets, produced by interaction of a plane shock wave with a conical cavity at free surface of metals like aluminium, copper and mild steel, have been carried out and an attempt has been made to correlate the jet velocity with shock parameters. The velocity of the jet, obtained from the cavity of different half angles have been mostly measured with oscillographic technique. The experimental results agree with theory within experimental variations. The velocity of the jet increases monotonically with the particle velocity but decreases with increase in the angle of the cavity.

    • Explosive compaction of superconducting powder

      H S Yadav K R K Rao

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      Superconducting powder, YBa2Cu3O7−x, with grains of size varying from 2 to 20μ and superconductivity up to 90°K was compacted to a uniform density of 6.2 g/cc (96% of theoretical maximum density) by explosive-shock loading in cylindrical configuration. A typical size of rod (3.76 mm diameter and 70 mm length) was fabricated using the present technique of explosive compaction. The compacted specimen shows levitation at the liquid nitrogen temperature.

    • Consolidation of YBaCuO powders by shock loading

      N C Soni Ram Prasad Ashok Mohan M D Vora S Banerjee C V Tomy S K Malik H S Yadav K R K Rao

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      Superconducting oxide-copper monoliths have been fabricated by shock-wave loading using cylindrical and plane geometries. Bulk densities up to 96% T.D. have been obtained by varying detonation parameters. The superconducting properties, interface bonding and microstructure of the compacts have been evaluated.

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