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    • 22Ne(a, n)25Mg reaction in CONe mantle of massive stars at high temperatures

      B N Kakati H L Duorah

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      The effectiveness of22Ne (a, n)25Mg reaction as a neutron source is examined at high temperatures 0.8⩽T9⩽3.0 (T9 is the temperature in units of 109K). An assembly consisting of12C,16O, and22Ne is considered at the end of helium burning in some massive stars. Alpha particles necessary for this neutron producing reaction are assumed to be due to reactions involving12C and16O nuclei. Assuming22Ne as the only neutron absorber, the number density of neutrons is calculated. The mantles outside the cores of massive stars are possibly the physical sites for these reactions.

    • Nuclear reaction rate in Debye-Hückel electrolytic plasma in stellar interiors

      H L Duorah A E Md Khairozzaman

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      The transmission probability of charged particle reactions in a stellar plasma is examined by considering the effective potential between the interacting charges as having an exponential factor in the Coulomb term arising out of the spherical distribution of electrons with its uniform background of positive charges (Debye-Hückel electrolyte). The expression for the ratio of this transmission probability to that due to pure Coulomb field, called the enhancement factor, is then obtained. Thermonuclear reactions of astrophysical interest such as12C(α, γ)16O and16O(α, γ)20 Ne are then considered. Our enhancement factor in the12C(α, γ)16O reaction rate is found to agree reasonably well with those calculated from the expression given by Alastuey and Jancovici.

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