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    • Transient excited singlet state absorption in Rhodamine 6G

      Putcha Venkateswarlu M C George Yerneni V Rao H Jagannath G Chakrapani A Miahnahri

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      Transient excited singlet state absorption (ESSA) has been studied in Rhodamine 6G in ethanol using a nitrogen laser and nitrogen laser-pumped dye laser. Broad absorption with several submaxima and possible shoulders, which represent the vibrational structure, has been observed in Rhodamine 6G in the region, 4175–4640 Å. The position of the lowest vibrational level of the first excited singlet stateS1 has been determined from the crossing point of the long and short wavelength spectral wings of absorption and fluorescence respectively. The energy level scheme of the molecule has been obtained with the help of the absorption and fluorescence spectra recorded. The observed structure in ESSA has been tentatively interpreted to be due to transitions from the different vibrational levels ofS1 to one or more vibrational levels of the upper singlet electronic stateS4.

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