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    • Electrical conductivity and dielectric constant of A-type Nd2O3

      Naseeb Dar H B Lal

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      The measurements of electrical conductivity (σ) from 300 to 1200 K and dielectric constant (ε′) from 4·2 to 1200 K of A-type Nd2O2 pellets are reported here. Electrical conductivity (σ) data can be explained in terms of impurity. The dielectric constant (ε′) increases slowly up to 500 K as is expected for ionic solids. The increase ofε′ becomes much faster above 500 K, which is attributed to space charge polarization of thermally generated charge carriers.

    • Magnetic susceptibility of heavy rare-earth sesquioxides

      H B Lal Virendra Pratap Ashok Kumar

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      Measurement of magnetic susceptibility of the powder samples of heavy rare-earth (Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm and Yb) sesquioxides have been reported in the temperature range 300 to 900 K. Curie-Weiss law behaviour has been observed for all samples. The Curie constant, the paramagnetic Curie temperature and the magneton number for magnetic ions in each material have also been evaluated.

    • Magnetic and transport properties of some light rare earth tungstates

      Naseeb Dar H B Lal

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      Measurements relating to molar magnetic susceptibility, dc electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power of Nd, Sm, Eu and Gd are reported. The ac electrical conductivity at a few temperature ranges is also given. It is found that it follows the Curie-Weiss law behaviour and this has been attributed to the crystal field effect. The experimental value of Bohr magneton for the magnetic ions has been found to be in good agreement with theory. Thermoelectric power is negative in the measured temperature range suggesting these materials to bep-type semi-conductors and holes as the dominant charge carriers. The results are explained using band theory.

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