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    • New physics hints in B decays and collider outlook

      George W S Hou

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      There are currently two hints for new physics involving CP violation in bs transitions: ΔSSf − SJϕK ≠ 0, and difference in direct CP asymmetry ΔAAK+π0AK+π ≠ 0. We explore the two scenarios with a large and unique new CP phase in bs transitions. Motivated by ΔS ≠ 0, we update on the right-handed strange-beauty squark sb1R at TeV scale. Motivated by ΔA ≠ 0, we explore sequential fourth generation t′ and b′ quarks. Both scenarios can survive constraints such as SM level bsγ, sll and Bs mixing, and predict sizable CP violation in Bs mixing. The fourth generation picture predicts sizable KLπ0vv. Direct search for sbR, b′ and t′ at hadronic colliders, such as Tevatron Run II and LHC, can complement further CP violation studies at these machines, as well as at the future Super B factory.

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