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    • Rhythmic pattern formations in gels and Matalon—Packter law: A fresh perspective

      Jacob George Issac Paul P A Varughese George Varghese

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      The periodic precipitation pattern formation in gelatinous media is interpreted as a moving boundary problem. The time law, spacing law and width law are revisited on the basis of the new scenario. The explicit dependence of the geometric structure on the initial concentrations of the reactants is derived. Matalon—Packter law, which relates the spacing coefficient with the initial concentrations is reformulated removing many ambiguities and impractical parameters. Experimental results are discussed to establish the significance of moving boundary concept in the diffusion controlled pattern forming systems

    • The width of Liesegang bands: A study using moving boundary model and simulation

      Shibi Thomas George Varghese István Lagzi

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      The pattern formation in reaction–diffusion systems was studied by invoking the provisions contained in the moving boundary model. The model claims that the phase separation mechanism is responsible for separating the colloidal phase of precipitants into band and non-band regions. The relation between the band separation and its width are invariably related to the concentration of the reacting components. It was observed that this model provides critical condition for the band formation in semi-idealized diffusion systems. An algorithm for generating the band structure was designed, and the simulated pattern shows a close resemblance with the experimentally observed ones.

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