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    • Fibrebundle formalism for supergravity

      G Sardanashvily O Zakharov

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      The non-Poincaré version of supergravity is suggested. This extends the description of gravity as the Higgs-Goldstone type field on supergravity.

    • On the Goldstonic gravitation theory

      D Ivanenko G Sardanashvily

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      The physical specificity of gravity as a Goldstone-type field responsible for spontaneous breaking of space-time symmetries is investigated and extended up to supergravity. Problems of the Higgs gravitation vacuum and its matter sources are discussed. A particular “dislocation” structure of a space-time due to Poincaré translation gauge fields and the corresponding modification of Newton’s gravitational potential are predicted.

    • On the Higgs feature of gravity

      G Sardanashvily O Zakharov

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      The gauge gravitation theory, based on the equivalence principle besides the gauge principle, is formulated in the fibre bundle terms. The correlation between gauge geometry on spinor bundles describing Dirac fermion fields and space-time geometry on a tangent bundle is investigated. We show that field functions of fermion fields in presence of different gravitational fields are always written with respect to different reference frames. Therefore, the conventional quantization procedure is applicable to fermion fields only if gravitational field is fixed. Quantum gravitational fields violate the above mentioned correlation between two geometries.

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