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    • Trapping energy of a magnetic monopole in magnetic materials

      G S Agarwal Sudhanshu S Jha

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      Analytical methods to investigate the interaction of magnetic monopoles with known magnetic media have been developed. Trapping energies of monopoles inside ferro-magnetic or super onducting materials of size greater than about 10−6 cm are found to be of the order of several kiloelectron volts. These are two to three orders of magnitude higher than in paramagnetic materials. Thus if stable magnetic monopoles exist at all in the universe, they are perhaps trapped in these magnetic materials. The effect of the finite size of the magnetic bodies is taken into account explicitly in our calculations of the trapping energy.

    • The Heisenberg ferromagnet in spin coherent state representation

      B Sriram Shastry G S Agarwal I Rama Rao

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      A new approach to Heisenberg ferromagnet using the spin coherent state representation is developed. The differential operator representation of spin angular momentum operators is used to derive thec-number analogs of the basic quantum mechanical equations, viz., the Schrödinger, Bloch and Liouville equations for the Heisenberg ferromagnet. As an important illustration of our formulation, which has noad hoc assumptions and does not use any boson representation, the excitation spectrum for one, two and three spin waves is obtained. In these cases it is also shown that eigenvalue spectrum can be obtained by completely ignoring the kinematical interactions.

    • Line narrowing beyond natural linewidth in radiation matter interaction

      G S Agarwal

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      A review of the various linear and nonlinear methods used to obtain resolution beyond natural linewidth is given.

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