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    • Quark number density and susceptibility calculation under one-loop correction in the mean-field potential


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      We calculate quark number density and susceptibility under one-loop correction in the mean-field potential. The calculation shows continuous increase in the number density and susceptibility up to the temperature $T = 0.4 \rm{GeV}$. Then the values of number density and susceptibility approach the very weakly result with higher values of temperature. The result indicates that the calculated values fit well with increase in temperature to match the lattice QCD simulations of the same quantities.

    • Effect of two-loop correction in the formation of quark–gluon plasma droplet


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      The effect of two-loop correction in quark–gluon plasma (QGP) droplet formation is studied by introducing the two-loop correction factor in the mean-field potential. The correction factor leads to the stability in the droplet formations of QGP at different parametrisation factors of the QGP fluid. This also shows that the gluon parameter factor shifts to a larger value from its earlier value of one-loop correction in attaining the stability of the droplets. The results show a decrease in the observable QGP droplet sizes which are found to be 1.5–2.0 fm radii with the two-loop correction. It indicates that the dynamics of the QGP droplet and the stability of the droplet withthe two-loop correction factor can be controlled by the fluid parameter in the model.

    • Evaluation of bulk thermodynamical properties of QGP with two-loop corrections in the potential


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      We extend the work of two-loop correction in the mean-field potential to study the thermodynamical properties of quark–gluon plasma (QGP). In the study,we look forward to determine bulk thermodynamic properties like pressure, entropy density, specific heat, quark number density, quark number fluctuations and speed of sound. The determinations are shown in figures and the figures are found almost similarly enhanced to our earlier results of one-loop correction. It means that the model with the inclusion of two-loop corrections can provide the entire thermodynamic information about the phase structure of QCD and the parameter used in the loop correction plays a pivotal role in forming stable droplets having less effect to calculate all the thermodynamical parameters. Still,the result can be considered in presenting QGP phase structure as it shows its representation within the range of standard thermodynamic properties and enhance the energy density and pressure from the lattice result.

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