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    • Supersymmetric preon models with gauged colour-flavour symmetry

      G M Staebler R E Marshak

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      We have conducted a search for globally supersymmetric preon models with gauged colour-flavour symmetries. Theories with both two- and three-preon composites, and colour-flavour groups from E6 down to the standard model, are examined under the following conditions: asymptotically-free metacolour, anomaly-free gauged symmetries, and Pauli principle obeyed. It is found that there are no models with three or more supersymmetric families. If supersymmetry is broken, one model with four families emerges. The purely fermionic preon theories can also be considered as the light sector of a chiral supersymmetric theory, with supersymmetry breaking at the preon level.

    • N=1 supergravity theories coupled to matter and duality transformations

      G M Staebler K T Mahanthappa

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      The most general action for chiral and complex linear superfields coupled to theN=1 old minimal supergravity is given. Scalar potentials for pure complex linear and mixed cases are found. A condition for the breakdown of the duality transformation, which transforms a theory with complex linear superfields to one with chiral scalar superfields, is obtained. When this condition is satisfied, the potentials and couplings cannot be transformed, in general, into a Kähler form; examples are given. Some aspects of vanishing cosmological constant are considered in this context.

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