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    • Plasmon-magnon interaction in magnetic semiconductors

      G Baskaran K P Sinha

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      In appreciably doped semiconductors (e.g. EuO, CdCr2S4, etc.) plasmon and magnon energies are comparable. Therefore, there will be resonant interaction between these modes of excitations. On the basis of a new microscopic theory formulated for plasmon-magnon interaction, the effect of this interaction on the energies and lifetimes of plasmons and magnons has been calculated using the double-time Green’s function. The energy shifts are very small and the lifetimes of plasmons,τp, and magnons,τm, are of the order of 10−2 and 10−3 sec respectively.

    • All basic condensed matter physics phenomena and notions mirror in biology — A hypothesis, two examples and a novel prediction

      G Baskaran

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      A few billion years of evolutionary time and the complex process of ‘selection’ has given biology an opportunity to explore a variety of condensed matter phenomena and situations, some of which have been discovered by humans in the laboratory, that too only in extreme non-biological conditions such as low temperatures, high purity, high pressure etc., in the last centuries. Biology, at some level, is a complex and self-regulated condensed matter system compared to the ‘inanimate’ condensed matter systems such as liquid 4He, liquid water or a piece of graphite. In this article I propose a hypothesis that ‘all basic condensed matter physics phenomena and notions (already known and ones yet to be discovered) mirror in biology’. I explain this hypothesis by considering the idea of ‘Bose condensation’ or ‘momentum space order’ and discuss two known example of quantum magnetism encountered in biology. I also provide some new and rather speculative possibility, from light harvesting in biological photosynthesis, of mesoscopic excition condensation related phenomena at room temperature.

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