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    • Harmonic generation studies in laser ablated YBCO thin film grown on 〈100〉 MgO

      Neeraj Khare J R Buckley R M Bowman G B Donaldson C M Pegrum

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      The generation of harmonics in a laser ablated YBCO film deposited on a 〈100〉 MgO substrate is reported. Higher odd harmonics appeared when the film was subjected to an ac field. The presence of a dc field induces only the second harmonic with a small value of slope ofV2Hdc curve (δV2/δHdc) compared to bulk YBCO. The variation of the amplitude of third harmonic (V3) withHac and temperature was studied. These results are explained in terms of a critical state model. The observation of only a small amplitude of second harmonic (V2) with a smallδV2/δHdc is explained in terms of a special kind of clean grain boundary present in YBCO laser ablated films on 〈100〉 MgO.

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