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    • Vibrational spectra of α-molybdic acid-MoO3.H2O

      S Sheik Saleem G Aruldhas

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      Their and Raman spectra of molybdenum trioxide—monohydrate are studied assuming an effective tetrahedral Mo-O coordination and isolated water molecules, although the crystallographic coordination is six-fold with two long Mo-O distances. Based onCt symmetry, the group theoretical analysis has been carried out and a vibrational assignment is proposed. The nature of hydrogen bonding and the librational modes of water molecules are discussed. The factor group splitting forv3, the asymmetric stretching mode of MoO4= ion, is large indicating strong interchain coupling.

    • Infrared and Raman spectra of aquamolybdenum (VI) oxide hydrate (MoO3·2H2O)

      Daizy Philip G Aruldhas V Ramakrishnan

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      The infrared and Raman spectra of MoO3·2H2O are recorded and analysed on the basis of vibrations due to MoO6 octahedra and H2O molecules. Considerable changes in the frequencies of the octahedra have been observed due to strong distortion in the octahedral arrangement. The inactivev6 vibration of Oh symmetry became active in the Raman spectrum. Co-ordinated (aquated) and hydrated (interlayer) water molecules give rise to different frequencies.

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