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    • Trace determination of uranium in fertilizer samples by total reflection X-ray fluorescence

      N L Misra Sangita Dhara Arijeet Das G S Lodha S K Aggarwal I Varga

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      Uranium is reported to be present in phosphate fertilizers. The recovery of uranium from the fertilizers is important because it can be used as fuel in nuclear reactors and also because of environmental concerns. For both these activities suitable method of uranium determinations at trace levels in these fertilizers are required. Studies have been initiated for such TXRF determination of uranium and the results are reported in the present paper. For TXRF determinations the fertilizer samples were processed with nitric acid and the uranium present in it was removed by solvent extraction using tri-n-butyl phosphate as the extractant. The organic phase containing uranium was equilibrated with 1.5% suprapure nitric acid to bring out uranium in aqueous phase. This aqueous phase was mixed with internal standard Y and the TXRF spectra were measured by depositing samples on float glass supports. The amounts of uranium in four fertilizer samples of Hungarian origin were determined by processing these TXRF spectra. Uranium concentrations in two fertilizer samples were found to be in the range of $4–6 \mu g/g$, whereas two fertilizer samples did not show the presence of uranium. The precision of the TXRF determination of uranium was found to be better than 8% ($1\sigma$).

    • Microfocussing of synchrotron X-rays using X-ray refractive lens developed at Indus-2 deep X-ray lithography beamline

      V P Dhamgaye M K Tiwari K J S Sawhney G S Lodha

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      X-ray lenses are fabricated in polymethyl methacrylate using deep X-ray lithography beamline of Indus-2. The focussing performance of these lenses is evaluated using Indus-2 and Diamond Light Source Ltd. The process steps for the fabrication of X-ray lenses and microfocussing at 10 keV at moderate and low emittance sources are compared.

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