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    • Unsteady three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics flow of nanofluids over a decelerated rotating disk with uniform suction


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      This paper investigates the impact of uniform suction and magnetohydrodynamics on several nanofluids over a decelerating rotating disk. It deals with the typical Von Karman flow pumping but in the presence of waterbasednanofluids comprising the fraction of the nanoparticle volume of copper, copper oxide, silver, alumina and titania instead of the regular Newtonian fluid. The influences of the base fluid’s nature and the nanoparticle content in the base fluid are considered. After similarity transformations analogous to the traditional Von Karman flow, the leading equations are resolved numerically using the bvp4c MATLAB solver, which is a renowned software. The effect of various parameters on the velocity field is explained graphically. The momentum boundary layer for alltypes of nanofluids becomes thinner and more prominent for large values of unsteadiness parameter ($\hat{\alpha}$ ). With small suction parameter values, the magnetic field M has an evident impact on the axial flow, while its effect is negligiblewith large suction parameter values.

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