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    • Electron lucky-drift impact ionization coefficients of ZnS : Mn

      F M Abou El-Ela

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      Fit of the experimental data of ZnS : Mn by a modified lucky-drift formula has been performed using the least square algorithm. The fit agrees well with the experimental data only at high field. The best fitting parameters at high field are the mean free path of order 102.74 Å and Keldysh factor,p0 = 0.0138. A generalized Keldysh formula has been used, due to introduction of a soft threshold factor. The soft lucky-drift theory can also be used to calculate the impact ionization coefficients of high electron energy of ZnS : Mn without losing its physical significance compared to full band-structure Monte Carlo calculation with a remarkably reduced amount of computer resources.

      The curvature on semi-log plot of experimental impact ionization coefficient against the inverse of electric field is different from what is observed for other materials at low electric fields due to impact ionization of deep level impurities.

    • Electron transport in wurtzite InN

      F M Abou El-Ela B M El-Assy

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      Using ensemble Monte Carlo simulation technique, we have calculated the transport properties of InN such as the drift velocity, the drift mobility, the average electron, energy relaxation times and momentum relaxation times at high electric field. The scattering mechanisms included are polar optical phonon, ionized impurity, acoustic phonon and intervalley phonon. It is found that the maximum peak velocity only occurs when the electric field is increased to a value above a certain critical field. This critical field is strongly dependent on InN parameters. The steady-state transport parameters are in fair agreement with other recent calculations.

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