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    • The effects of core polarisation on some even–even sd-shell nuclei using Michigan three-range Yukawa and modified surface delta interactions


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      Elastic and inelastic electron scattering from even–even $Z = N$ sd-shell ($^{28}Si, ^{32}S$ and $^{36}Ar$) nuclei has been studied using the nuclear shell-model configurations. The transition rates $B(C2\uparrow)$ from the ground $0^{+}$ state to the first excited $2^{+}_{1}$ state, the electric quadrupole moments $Q$, the elastic longitudinal $C0$ and inelastic longitudinal $C2$ form factors are calculated. SDBA and USDA model spaces have been used. The radial wave functions of the single-particle matrix elements have been calculated in terms of the harmonic oscillator (HO) and Skyrme–Hartree–Fock (SHF) potentials. The configurations higher than the core and the model space are taken into account within a microscopic theory that includes one particle–one hole excitations from the core and model space orbits to higher allowed orbits with $2\bar{h}\omega$ excitations. These effects are defined as core polarisation (CP) effects. Two-body Michigan three-range Yukawa (M3Y) effective nucleon–nucleon interaction and the modified surface delta interaction (MSDI) have been used as residual interactions for the CP matrix elements. The calculations are performed using the shell-model code Nushell@MSU, where the deduced results, including CP, are more compatible with the available experimental and theoretical results.

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