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    • What price the spin-statistics theorem?

      E C G Sudarshan I M Duck

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      We examine a number of recent proofs of the spin-statistics theorem. All, of course, get the target result of Bose-Einstein statistics for identical integral spin particles and Fermi-Dirac statistics for identical half-integral spin particles. It is pointed out that these proofs, distinguished by their purported simple and intuitive kinematic character, require assumptions that are outside the realm of standard quantum mechanics. We construct a counterexample to these non-dynamical kinematic ‘proofs’ to emphasize the necessity of a dynamical proof as distinct from a kinematic proof. Sudarshan’s simple non-relativistic dynamical proof is briefly described. Finally, we make clear the price paid for any kinematic ‘proof’.

    • Note on the natural system of units

      Luis J Boya Cristian Rivera E C G Sudarshan

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      We propose to substitute Newton’s constant $G_{N}$ for another constant $G_{2}$, as if the gravitational force would fall off with the $1/r$ law, instead of the $1/r^{2}$; so we describe a system of natural units with $G_{2} , c$ and $\hbar$. We adjust the value of $G_{2}$ so that the fundamental length $L = L_{\text{Pl}}$ is still the Planck’s length and so $G_{N} = L \times G_{2}$. We argue for this system as (1) it would express longitude, time and mass without square roots; (2) $G_{2}$ is in principle disentangled from gravitation, as in (2 + 1) dimensions there is no field outside the sources. So $G_{2}$ would be truly universal; (3) modern physics is not necessarily tied up to $(3 + 1)$-dim. scenarios and (4) extended objects with $p = 2$ (membranes) play an important role both in M-theory and in F-theory, which distinguishes three $(2, 1)$ dimensions.

      As an alternative we consider also the clash between gravitation and quantum theory; the suggestion is that non-commutative geometry $[x_{i} , x_{j}] = \Lambda^{2} \theta_{ij}$ would cure some infinities and improve black hole evaporation. Then the new length 𝛬 shall determine, among other things, the gravitational constant $G_{N}$.

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