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    • Cosmological parameters

      D Narasimha

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      There is some consensus emerging on the values of the basic parameters of classical cosmology. The baryon number density estimated from the light element abundance or X-ray gas in galaxy clusters tends towards 5% of closure density; the dark matter content based on a number of independent methods appears to be somewhat less than half the closure density; Hubble constant obtained from local measurements, gravitational lens or Sunyaev Zeldovich method are all probably centred around 60 km/sec/Mpc and the age of the Universe is generally agree to be around 14 Gyr — all specified with bearable error bars. The supernova projects and CMBR anisotropy together favour a finite cosmological constant, and gravitational lens statistics support the same conclusion.

    • Gravitational lensing by spiral galaxies

      D Narasimha

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      Spiral galaxies at moderate redshifts and oriented optimally could form characteristic multiple images of extended background sources from which the mass distribution in the galaxy can be estimated. The absorption profile due to the galaxy provides a reliable tool for the chemical and thermal diagnostic of the lens.

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