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    • Rescaled mean spherical approximation structure factor for an aqueous suspension of polystyrene spheres

      R K Pandey D N Tripathi

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      Rescaled mean spherical approximation (RMSA) has been used to calculate the structure factor for the aqueous suspension of polystyrene macroions with the interaction potential taken according to Derjaguin and Landau (1941) and Verwey and Overbeek (1948) (DLVO) model. The effects of charge over the macroion and size on the surface potential and therefore, the structure factor have been studied. The breakdown of the DLVO potential with an excess charge over the macroion (⩾800e) has been reported. The oscillation in the first peak height of structure factor versus wave vector curve with size has been correlated with the Debye length.

    • L-shell/subshell ionization of Au, Pb and Bi by low energy proton impact

      K N Pandey D N Tripathi R N Chakraborty D K Rai

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      Proton induced X-ray emission has been used to measureL-subshell and total ionization cross-sections of Au, Pb and Bi in the energy range of 200–350 keV. The ionization cross-sections have been extracted using the X-ray spectra and other quantities like fluorescence yields, transition probabilities, relative widths and Coster-Krönig fraction etc. involved in the process. The results have been compared with the cross-sections measured before and discussed in the light of known theories regarding the ion-atom collisions.

    • Effect of size and charge on ordering of a highly charged concentrated macroions in suspension

      R K Pandey D N Tripathi

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      An efficient fast Fourier transform method has been employed to determine correlation function [g(r*)] using the structure factor [S(Q*)] calculated with the rescaled mean spherical approximation (RMSA) and the DLVO potential. Based on this function a parametric (size and charge) study of the ordering in a highly charged and concentrated macroions (an ideal colloid) has been made. The strength of the correlation increases with the increase in the charge on macroions and it saturates after acertain value. Similarly, a critical diameter of the particle depending on the charge on it has been found at which normal feature of the ordering disappears.

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