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    • Centrifugal distortion effects in the microwave spectrum of allyl alcohol

      A I Jaman D K Ghosh

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      The ground state rotational spectrum of allyl alcohol has been reinvestigated in the frequency range 12.5–40.0 GHz. A detailed centrifugal distortion analysis has been carried out and theJ-value of the assigned transitions has been extended to 45. The evaluated parametes are presented.

    • Continuum bound state and transition matrix of the scattering wave function for projected Yamaguchi potential

      D K Ghosh

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      The presence of a continuum bound state for the nucleon-nucleon (nn) scattering by a nonlocal potential in which Yamaguchi potential enters as an attractive part is examined. It is well-known that an extra node in the radial wave function is directly related to the existence of a continuum bound state in the scattering spectrum. The extra nodes of the wave functions occur in conjunction with the zeros of the Fredholm determinants associated with the physical and regular wave functions of the radial equation for the nonlocal potential. Here we have observed that the extra nodes also occur in conjunction with the zeros of the transition matrix.

    • Refractive indices and related properties of some potential mixed crystals

      D K Ghosh L K Samanta G C Bhar

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      The high frequency refractive indices of some binary, ternary and quaternary mixed crystals have been evaluated from the knowledge of plasmon energy and the lowest gap energy of the crystals for their applications in heterojunctionled and solar cells. The Fermi energy screening factor correction has been applied to effect accuracy in prediction. The model has been used to study the temperature and pressure dependence of refractive index. The calculated value agrees with experiment (within a few percent) justifying the validity of the model.

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