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    • Extensivity of entropy and modern form of Gibbs paradox

      D Home S Sengupta

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      The extensivity property of entropy is clarified in the light of a critical examination of the entropy formula based on quantum statistics and the relevant thermodynamic requirement. The modern form of the Gibbs paradox, related to the discontinuous jump in entropy due to identity or non-identity of particles, is critically investigated. Qualitative framework of a new resolution of this paradox, which analyses the general effect of distinction mark on the Hamiltonian of a system of identical particles, is outlined.

    • An analysis of the validity of local causality at the statistical level in Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Type situations

      D Home M D Srinivas

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      We investigate the question of local causality at the statistical level in Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) type situations, taking into account the most general class of measurements envisaged in quantum theory. The condition for local causality at the statistical level used in this paper pertains to the invariance of statistics of measurements on one sub-system with respect to the choice and type of measurements on its correlated partner in the EPR-type examples. Our analysis is based on a criterion for measurements performed on one of the EPR sub-systems, which is more general than the criterion used in the earlier treatments. We discuss both non-absorptive measurements (where the system is available for further observation after the measurement is performed) as well as absorptive measurements (where the system is absorbed in the process of a particular outcome being realized). We show that in the case of arbitrary non-absorptive measurements characterized by operationvalued measures, the requirement of local causality at the statistical level is satisfied and in the process we identify the key inputs in such a proof. We also obtain the specific conditions under which an absorptive measurement satisfies local causality at the statistical level.

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