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    • Note on the natural system of units

      Luis J Boya Cristian Rivera E C G Sudarshan

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      We propose to substitute Newton’s constant $G_{N}$ for another constant $G_{2}$, as if the gravitational force would fall off with the $1/r$ law, instead of the $1/r^{2}$; so we describe a system of natural units with $G_{2} , c$ and $\hbar$. We adjust the value of $G_{2}$ so that the fundamental length $L = L_{\text{Pl}}$ is still the Planck’s length and so $G_{N} = L \times G_{2}$. We argue for this system as (1) it would express longitude, time and mass without square roots; (2) $G_{2}$ is in principle disentangled from gravitation, as in (2 + 1) dimensions there is no field outside the sources. So $G_{2}$ would be truly universal; (3) modern physics is not necessarily tied up to $(3 + 1)$-dim. scenarios and (4) extended objects with $p = 2$ (membranes) play an important role both in M-theory and in F-theory, which distinguishes three $(2, 1)$ dimensions.

      As an alternative we consider also the clash between gravitation and quantum theory; the suggestion is that non-commutative geometry $[x_{i} , x_{j}] = \Lambda^{2} \theta_{ij}$ would cure some infinities and improve black hole evaporation. Then the new length 𝛬 shall determine, among other things, the gravitational constant $G_{N}$.

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