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    • Core polarization effects and the random phase approximation solution

      Chindhu S Warke

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      Simplified formulae for the effective electromagnetic transition matrix elements and the core polarization contribution to the effective two-nucleon interaction are derived. From these general expressions, the polarization effects in any other physical quantity of interest can easily be written down. It is also proved that the usual RPA eigenvalue problem corresponding to a 2n×2n matrix$$\left( \begin{gathered} AB \hfill \\ - B - A \hfill \\ \end{gathered} \right)$$ is equivalent to the diagonalization of an×n matrix (A+B) (AB).

    • Exact expression for the projected energy

      Chindhu S Warke

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      The angle integrated exact expression for the projected energy is derived from two different expansions of the rotation operator. In one, the spin matrix polynomial expansion method is used while in the other the disentangling theorem for angular momentum operator is used.

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