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    • Physics and engineering aspects of fast reactor safety

      C V Sundaram S M Lee

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      A vast amount of research and development work has been done in recent years to resolve the issues of relevance to the safety of the Liquid Metal cooled Fast Breeder Reactor (lmfbr). Based on the results of this research as well as on the experience gained from the operation of test and prototypelmfbr’s, a certain consensus is emerging on the safety requirements of a modern sodium-cooled large fast power reactor. The paper reviews the fundamental physics and engineering aspects oflmfbr safety with reference to the Fast Breeder Test Reactor (fbtr) now being commissioned at Kalpakkam, and the proposed larger Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (pfbr). The elements contributing to the inherent safety of fast reactors are recapitulated followed by description of the philosophy of the plant protection system and the use of engineered safeguards to enhance the safety. Finally, the principles used for the containment of radioactivity are discussed.

    • Radiation-induced structural changes in alloys

      K Krishan C V Sundaram

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      Development of alloys for reliable performance in extreme radiation environments is vital for the viability of advanced nuclear reactor systems. Over the past decade, there has been a considerable growth in our understanding of the basic processes of radiation damage, the nature of the induced defects, their interaction and migration, and the influence of these on the mechanical behaviour of metals. This understanding has however come mainly from studies in pure metals and dilute alloys, and there are difficulties when applying these concepts to concentrated alloys, particularly of technological interest. The present article, which attempts to bridge this gap, discusses recent research developments and some of the emerging new concepts as applicable to alloy systems. Interstitialcy transport; percolation effects in defect migration; short range and long range ordering and restructuring of alloys; defects and damage behaviour of metallic glasses; synergetic processes and phase instabilities; and finally, swelling, irradiation creep and ductility behaviour of alloy systems are the topics discussed.

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