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    • Stochastic evolution of cosmological parameters in the early universe

      C Sivakumar Moncy V John K Babu Joseph

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      We develop a stochastic formulation of cosmology in the early universe, after considering the scatter in the redshift-apparent magnitude diagram in the early epochs as an observational evidence for the non-deterministic evolution of early universe. We consider the stochastic evolution of density parameter in the early universe after the inflationary phase qualitatively, under the assumption of fluctuating w factor in the equation of state, in the Fokker-Planck formalism. Since the scale factor for the universe depends on the energy density, from the coupled Friedmann equations we calculated the two variable probability distribution function assuming a flat space geometry.

    • Stochastic evolution of the Universe: A possible dynamical process leading to fractal structures


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      In this paper, we propose a stochastic evolution of the early Universe which can lead to a fractal correlation in galactic distribution in the Universe. The stochastic equation of state, due to fluctuating creation rates of various components in a many-component fluid, leads to a fluctuating expansion rate for the Universe in the early epochs. It provides persistent fluctuations in the number count vs. apparent magnitude relation, as expected from the observation of a fractal distribution of the galaxies. We also present a stochastic evolution of density perturbations in the early Universe.

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