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    • Search for a fifth force

      C S Unnikrishnan

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      A review of the experimental efforts to search for a fifth force is presented. The talk begins with a brief history of the hypothesis of fifth force and goes on to describe the context in which the hypothesis gained considerable significance in the recent past. Then a review of many modern experiments is presented, highlighting some of the representative experiments and their results. The TIFR torsion pendulum experiments are described in some detail and the main results are summarized. The talk ends with a hint of future directions in the field.

    • Proof of absence of spooky action at a distance in quantum correlations

      C S Unnikrishnan

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      I prove that there is no spooky action at a distance and nonlocal state-reduction during measurements on quantum entangled systems. The prediction of quantum theory as well as experimental results are in conflict with the concept of nonlocal state-reduction, as conclusively shown here under very general assumptions. This has far-reaching implications in the interpretation of quantum mechanics in general, and demands a radical change in its present interpretation of measurements on entangled multiparticle systems. Motivated by these results we re-examine Bell’s theorem for correlations of entangled systems and find that the correlation function used by Bell fails to incorporate phase correlations at source. It is the use of such an unphysical correlation function, and not failure of locality, that leads to the Bell’s inequalities.

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