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    • Theoretical studies on the α decay half-lives of hyper and normal isotopes of Po


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      The $\alpha$ decay half-lives of hyper and normal isotopes of Po nuclei are studied in the present work. The inclusion of $\Lambda–N$ interaction changes the half-life for $\alpha$ decay. The theoretical predictions on the $\alpha$ decay half-lives of normal Po isotopes are compared with experimental results and are seen to be matching well with each other. The neutron shell closure at $N = 126$ is found to be the same for both normal and hypernuclei. The Geiger–Nuttal (G–N) law for $\alpha$ decay is unaltered in the case of hypernuclei. The hypernuclei will decay into normal nuclei by mesonic or non-mesonic decay modes. Since the half-lives of normal Po nuclei are well within the experimental limits, our theoretical results suggest experimental verification of the $\alpha$ emission from hyper Po nuclei in a cascade process.

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