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    • Microwave dielectric tangent losses in KDP and DKDP crystals

      Trilok Chandra Upadhyay Birendra Singh Semwal

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      By adding cubic and quartic phonon anharmonic interactions in the pseudospin lattice coupled mode (PLCM) model for KDP-type crystals and using double-time temperature dependent Green's function method, expressions for soft mode frequency, dielectric constant and dielectric tangent loss are obtained. Using model parameters given by Ganguliet al [9] the dielectric losses are calculated for KDP and DKDP crystals. In the microwave frequency range an increase in frequency (1–35 GHz) is followed by an increase in dielectric tangent loss (1–35) at 98 K and (1–15) × 10−2 at 333 K for KDP and DKDP crystals respectively. The dielectric tangent loss decreases from 0.052 to 0.042 for KDP crystals with increase in temperature from 130 to 170 K and for DKDP crystals it decreases from 0.0166 to 0.0074 with an increase in temperature from 230–343 K in their paraelectric phases at 10 GHz. This shows Curie-Weiss behavior of the dielectric tangent loss

    • Dielectric properties of KDP-type ferroelectric crystals in the presence of external electric field

      Trilok Chandra Upadhyay Ramendra Singh Bhandari Birendra Singh Semwal

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      Considering external electric field as well as third- and fourth-order phonon anharmonic interaction terms in the pseudospin-lattice coupled mode (PLCM) model Hamiltonian for KDP-type ferroelectrics, expressions for field-dependent shift, width, renormalized soft mode frequency, Curie temperature, dielectric constant and dielectric loss are evaluated. For the calculation, method of statistical double-time temperature-dependent Green’s function has been used. By fitting model values of physical quantities, temperature and electric field dependences of soft mode frequency, dielectric constant and loss have been calculated which compare well with experimental results of Baumgartner [8] and Choi and Lockwood [9]. Both dielectric constant and loss decrease with electric field.

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